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This product is amazing! I first started taking yourbodhi to try and help with IBD symptoms. Not only does it really help this, it eased joint pains that I’d been suffering with for over a year. Best of all (and also unexpected), it’s cleared my skin! I’ve suffered with spots and acne since a teenager and used so many skincare products, but curcumin has been the thing to finally clear it up! So happy to have discovered this product!



As a doctor I am constantly washing my hands which causes my eczema to flare and skin to crack. I have now been taking Your Bodhi for 3 months and Im amazed at the difference it's made. My skin is so much clearer!



Your Bodhi is fantastic - I can't live without it. I have psoriasis which flares up when I'm stressed/anxious. I get it on my elbows and it's very painful. When I take Your Bodhi curcumin, I never get flare ups! It's only when I stop taking it that the psoriasis comes back.



I have tried lots of turmeric products before but this is the first one which has soothed my IBS instantly, and kept my gut health in check. I won't be taking any other turmeric supplements because I have found the one now! Great product and would highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you Your Bodhi, you have a winner here :)



I've suffered from severe grass pollen allergies for years (and tried absolutely everything possible...), however since taking Your Bodhi's curcumin, I've seen a huge improvement in my symptoms! - I would definitely recommend!!



My daughter recommended these after a muscular tennis injury. I was worried that it would a long process but thankfully, turmeric tablets have aided my recovery. I will definitely be recommending them to the tennis club!



As a restaurant and cafe owner, the last month has been so busy for us. I'm on my feet all day, and by the end of each evening I used to be in a lot of pain, with stiffness on my days off. Since taking curcumin supplements I noticed that these aches and pains have subsided - it couldn't have come at a better time either!



For years I have suffered on and off with dermatitis on my neck and around my hairline. Since taking Your Bodhi's curcumin capsules, I haven't had a single flare up - no rash, itching or discomfort!
I have just purchased another bottle and would definitely recommend 👌


Sally O

We have loved taking turmeric powder in our food for sometime. it really helps with inflammation issues with joints as we grow older. The yourbodhiuk is a much more convenient way of taking this food supplement. We took a bottle on holiday with us. Steve had signs of celulitis in his ankle after the long haul flight to GOA. We were in a small village with no pharmacy or doctors. I dosed him up with yourbodhiuk and the inflammation began to settle!! in 2 days with regular elevation the celulitis was gone! phew! Result! Holiday not ruined!


Patricia S

Great product has helped my IBS so have just ordered 2 more bottles.


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